Baby Albino Burmese Python for sale

The albino Burmese python was the first widely bred python mutation.

Burmese Basics

Burmese pythons typically have grey or green to gold base coloring, with dark brown blotches on the dorsal and lateral sides of the animal. The top of the head features a distinct arrow shape, and the belly is dotted by dark spots and blotches. Burmese pythons are native to the forests and swamps of Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, China and Laos. Patient hunters and powerful constrictors, Burmese pythons ambush rodents, birds and mammals - suffocating their prey before they consume it. Female Burmese pythons grow larger than males. Females deposit large clutches of eggs, and then coil around the eggs for the duration of incubation. Hatchling Burmese pythons are completely autonomous and look like small versions of their parents.

The Albino Mutation

The first albino Burmese pythons were discovered in the early 1980s. Python breeder Bob Clark obtained one of these animals and produced the first ever captive bred albino Burmese python in 1986. Though popularly called albino, these snakes technically exhibit amelanism, lack of pigment. A true albino animal has no pigment, whereas these snakes still have yellow and red pigments; only their black pigment is missing. Young albino Burmese pythons have bright red eyes and a white base color, topped with yellow and red markings. As they age, these markings become less distinct.

The Granite Mutation

In late 1995, another mutation of the Burmese python was found in the wild. These snakes were colored typically, but their pattern was different. Covering the animals in small, irregular dark blotches on the dorsal and lateral sides, the new mutation was coined "granite"; it has also proven to be a recessive mutation. In addition to the irregular dark spots, granite Burmese pythons also feature a patternless belly, indistinct head markings and all of their light colored dorsal scales have a dark spot in the middle.

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