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Ball Python morph generator

9 Questions I By Brash

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1. Which of the following is the correct scientific name for the ball python?
A. Python Molurus Bivittatus
2. Buying captive-born ball pythons reduces the stress on the threatened populations in the wild and helps ensure you will get a healthy, established eater and a snake already used to contact with humans.
3. Check the two common names the ball python referred to as:
4. Ball pythons are excellent _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ and pump themselves full of air to stay buoyant.
5. What is the average adult size of the ball python?
6. The longest-living ball python on record was over 48 years old when it died!
7. One word answer: What ball python morph is this?
8. Which ancient ruler was thought to have worn ball pythons around their wrist as a bracelet?
9. In the wild, the ball python is primarily a tree dwelling snake.

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