Granite Ball Python

Ball Pythons Lock Up

2013 Clutch Records

Clutch Number Clutch Size Date Laid Date Hatched


Description: Sire: 2010 Ivory M1, 2011 Mocha M1 Dam: Normal F4 Status: 2.1 Yellow Bellies, 2.3 Mocha, 2.1 Normal Other Information: This turned out to be a double-sired clutch afterall.
Description: Sire: 2011 Orange Dream M1, 2011 Granite Hidden Gene Woma M1 Dam: 2008 Mojave F1 Status: 1.0 Granite Hidden Gene Woma, 2.1 Orange Dream, 3.1 Normal, 0.1 weird normal possible OD thingy Other Information: Somehow we managed to not get a single Mojave in the entire clutch...
Description: Sire: Enchi Het VPI Axanthic M1 Dam: 2008 Het VPI Axanthic F2 Status: 1.0 Axanthic, 0.0.1 66% Het Axanthic, 0.2 Enchi 66% Het Axanthic Other Information: 6 eggs went bad early during incubation- did not candle these when we put them up.
Description: Sire: 2008 Pastel Het VPI Axanthic M1 Dam: 2008 Het VPI Axanthic F1 - "Ginormica" Status: 0.1 Axanthic, 1.0 66% Het Axanthic, 3.2 Pastel 66% Het Axanthic, 0.1 Pastel Axanthic Other Information: Laid a total of 14. Only 8 good eggs though. This is her first clutch ever.
Description: Sire: 2011Lavender M1 - "Dilly" Dam: 2008 Het LavenderF2 Status: 1.0.1 Lavender Albino, 2.0.2 Het Lavender Albino.
Ball Python on eggs Ball Python eggs Ball Python Hatchlings Ball Python Hatchlings
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Henrys VIPER NEO Pro YoYo (Blue) Professional Off String (1A, 4A) Bearing YoYo +Instructional Booklet of Tricks & Travel Bag! Top Of The Range YoYo! Pro YoYos For Kids and Adults!
Toy (Henrys / Flames N Games)
  • Henrys VIPER NEO YoYo: Henrys off string model gets a new release with the Viper Neo, Level: Intermediate, + Book Full of Tips & Tricks & Flames N Games...
  • Price is for one YoYo + Booklet of YoYo Tricks + Flames N Games Travel Bag.
  • Yo-Yo Specification: Level: Intermediate Shape: Round, Style: Off String (1A, 4A), Axle Type: Ball Bearing, System: Size D (Hspin), Dimensions: Diameter: 65mm, Width:...
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  • Amongst 2010 s lineup, the new Viper retains its place as the Henrys representative model, with some additional upgrades. Those familiar with the old Viper will...

3dRose LLC apr_887_1 Snakes - Ball Python - Aprons - Full Length Apron with Pockets 22w x 30l
Home (3dRose LLC)
  • Dimensions (in inches): 22 W x 30 L; image size 7.5 x 7.5
  • 65/35 Polyester/Cotton Blend
  • Two waist-level patch pockets
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Ties around the waist

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