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Thermostat - a essential piece of equipment in Royal Python careThe forum is a place for members to share good practice and ask questions about Royal Pythons and their general care. It is free to register and easy to use. There are plenty of regular members, so any queries about Royal Python care, breeding, health and keeping should be answered within a short space of time.

The forum is a good place to gain advice and feedback which is personalised for your specific problem or enquiry. We always welcome any questions you may have regarding your Royal Python and our members will eagerly offer friendly and informed answers. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you in your search for Royal Python advice.

Can multiple Royal Pythons be kept together in the same vivarium?

Royal Python preparing to shed it's skinIt is unadvisable to house multiple Royal Pythons together, but many owners do without any problems. It is a big ongoing debate into the pros and cons of housing together, but really it is all down to personal choice whether you choose to house together or not.

The dangers for housing together include the chance of cannibalism (especially in younger Royal Pythons), early or unexpected breeding, stress in one or all of the Royal Pythons and even disease passing from one Royal to the other and doubling your vet bills. Royal Pythons are particularly prone to stress and may go on a hunger strike if conditions are not perfect for them.

If you do decide to house your Royal Pythons together in one vivarium it is important that both snakes are of a similar size, preferably adults. You will also need to add twice as many hides to the vivarium to ensure that one snake does not dominate the best hiding spots, which would cause stress to the other. You should feed separately and be ready for if breeding occurs. I would also advise having a spare RUB (Really useful box- plastic tub with air holes added to it), heat mat and thermostat handy, just in case problems arise and you need to separate your Royal Pythons quickly.

Do I need a thermostat?

Yes, uncontrolled heat sources can cause many problems. Minor problems include stress, respiratory infections and loss of appetite if the temperatures are not correct. Royal Pythons need heat to help them digest their food, so a low temperature can cause digestive problems. A really high temperature can cause burns to your snake and even death. It does not take many degrees to push the temperature up into dangerous levels, so always ensure any heat source is regulated by a thermostat. Thermometers and heat guards for bulbs and ceramic heaters are also vital equipment within the vivarium.

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