Silver Bullet

Silver bullet Ball Python

This female Pewter Banana was produced from a male Cinnamon line Super Pewter bred to my ch 8-4-2009 female Banana, (Will Slough line) and this little sweet heart gave me 5 eggs on May 21, 2011 at the ripe old age of 21 months. This clutch produced 3 pewters and 2 Pewter Bananas. The Pewter Banana will eventually darken like all Pewters do and in this case, it will be a huge bonus as more and more purple coloration will come to the surface making this the most purple ball python designer in existence, well that is until we take this to the next level, a purple patternless ball python in the form of a Banana Super Cinnamon, "Barny" Ball.

Getting the Cinnamon into the Banana appearance was the first step in achieving the purple patternless appearance and this is the only one to date that has the cinnamon in it and as a bonus, it also has the pastel jungle appearance as well. Breed this little female Pewter Banana to a male Pewter and you can make Cinnamon bananas, pastel Jungle Bananas, Pewter Bananas, Super Pastel Jungle Bananas, Super Cinnamon Bananas "Barny" balls, Silver Bullet Bananas, Silver Streak Bananas, Super Pewter Bananas as well as just good old fashion Bananas. What is so cool is that in this breeding, 3 different variations on purple patternless balls will be in play from the deepest purple patternless designer in the form of the Super Cinnamon Banana, "Barny" Ball, to the mid range intensity animal in the form of the Silver Bullet Banana "Purple Rain?" All the way to the lightest version of a purple patternless designer in the form of the Super Pewter Banana "Purple haze?" We can then make all versions Piebald, Albino, Hypo, Axanthic, Caramel Albino, Ultramel and so on. Female Pewter Banana, CH 7-16-2011.

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Miller Sperian P950QCUGN DuraFlex® Python® Ultra Harness (Universal)
BISS (Miller)
  • Sale Unit: EACH
  • Brand: Miller
  • Trade Name: Python
  • Series: P950
  • Application: Confined Space; Construction

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