Ball python racks for sale

Several ball python aquariumsMany people who purchase their first ball python house them in an aquarium type setting. Aquarium’s work very well for a few ball pythons but it quickly becomes a nightmare as your collection starts to grow. As you start to approach five ball pythons or more, you’ll soon realize that five individual aquariums or tanks begin to take up a lot of horizontal space. Couple this with the fact that cleaning a heavy tank can take a bit of time, you’ll experience first hand that keeping a growing collection of ball pythons in tanks can start to become nerve wrecking.

Several ball python aquariums

Rack Systems
The common question that many ball python keepers ask is, "What’s the best way to house my growing collection of ball pythons?" This question has been answered by quite a few reptile caging manufacturers in the form of a rack system.Ball python rack from Boaphile Plastics Rack systems are efficient and practical solutions for housing a growing collection of ball pythons. They work on the principal of vertical housing opposed to horizontal housing, as is the case when dealing with tanks. Each manufacturer has their own style of racks but they all pretty much address the same space issue faced with tanks in their own way.

Ball python rack from Vision Products

Ball python racks made of melamine woodSome manufacturers offer rack systems that you have to assemble yourself such as Vision Products for example. Other manufacturers custom make your racks per order and ship them to you as in the case of Boaphile Plastics. Other than the difference in design, cage quality and pricing, an "assemble it yourself" rack can usually be shipped to you quicker than a "custom made per order" rack, which can oftentimes take several months to complete depending on where they are in their work queue.

Ball python rack from Boaphile Plastics

Most racks are made of a durable plastic material that comes in either white or black but there are some racks that are made from melamine wood. These racks are for the most part heavy and can warp over a period of time due to high humidity and dampness in the cage. This warping effect causes the sliding drawers to get stuck and is oftentimes very difficult to pull out or push in. I would strongly advise against purchasing racks made out of melamine wood for these reasons.

Ball python rack from Vision Products Flexwatt heat tape for ball pythons

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