Green Tree Python Care Sheet

Congratulations on purchasing your Green Tree Python! Green Tree python Care sheet
Keeping Green tree pythons is not rocket science, but it definitely takes a little more precision and expertise to keep them healthy. I would recommend that you start with another species as a first snake to help you learn to recognize behaviors and certain aspects of keeping a snake to avoid pitfalls from ignorance. That said, if you do your homework, you can keep these animals with a high degree of success.

First off: Buy captive born and bred. Your chances of success go up exponentially when you buy from a breeder. The animals are in general, healthier and parasite free. You will have the benefit of having the animal’s history and also the assistance of the breeder if you should encounter problems. Make sure you aren’t confused by “captive born” as being captive born and bred. Many times captive born means they were born at a farm in Indonesia and then were imported. Not necessarily wild caught, but still a risk. Stick with captive born and bred.

Adult chondros can be housed in cages that measure 24” X 24” X 24”. I prefer to house adults in something larger as I feel that it keeps them more active at night when they move around. I house mine in 36” X 24” X 24” cages that are designed for the higher heat and humidity required by this species. Heat panels in the roof are ideal for heating these arboreal animals. You can purchase something as fancy as a Pro Panel heat panel, or go with Desert Heat panels available from Big Apple Pet Supply. I now use Desert Heat panels exclusively for all my arboreals and find they do a great job for a much lower price.

Chondros most often stay perched day and night. They should have branches at several levels that are the diameter of the widest part of their body. I usually place one high about 6” from the heat panel and one lower that’s about 6-8” below that. This provides areas where they can have a temperature gradient.

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Green Tree Python Care Video (NOT ALL OF THE INFO YOU WILL
Green Tree Python Care Video (NOT ALL OF THE INFO YOU WILL ...
Basic Care Green Tree Pythons
Basic Care Green Tree Pythons
green tree python
green tree python
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