Reticulated Python Care Sheet

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1. Reticulated Python Care Sheet

3. I chose this article because these snakes are interesting and slender looking.

4. I liked that the article showed pictures of the beautiful python. The coral sunglow morph really caught my eye compared to the normal reticulated. They are beautiful snakes! Below those they also included the ruby eyed albino morph and super granite crown python.

5. I learned that reticulated python's are one of the worlds largest snakes. They have been recorded up to 32 ft. long and up to 350 pounds. There is also a dwarf version of the reticulated python getting up to 10 to 12 feet. They live up to average of 15-20 years but have been recorded up to 30 years.

6. No Questions-

7a. I don't think I would keep a reticulated python because I like how ball's look better.

b. Reticulated's can go from $100-$5, 000!

c. You can purchase them at for various prices more of on the high side and at for $100.d. Yes, there is a coral, albino and granite morph.

e. Morphs go from $2, 000-$5, 000

f. ->

g. No they are not endangered.

h. No permit-

i. No controversy-

8. Care requirements for a reticulated python include a strong enclosure, heat pads and some sort of newspaper substrate. This type of snake also loves to eat so make sure you provide a meal of pinkies each week.

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