Green Tree Python Facts

Scientific Name: Morelia viridis

Family: Pythonidae
Adult Size: One of the smaller python species, the green tree python averages 5 to 6 feet in length.
Range: The jungles of eastern Indonesia, the Aru Islands and Australia’s Cape York Peninsula.
Habitat: Rainforest and dense vegetation areas
Green tree pythons exhibit dramatic ontogenetic color change as they mature (i.e., juveniles may be yellow, red, etc. and turn green as they grow older). As adults, green tree pythons can be found in a wide range of green shades, sometimes with a smattering of blue coloration, as well.

In the wild, green tree pythons feed on frogs, lizards, small mammals and birds. In captivity, they will accept mice and rats. Some keepers also offer chicks and quail. An appropriate sized rodent should be offered about once every 10 to 14 days.

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