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The popular Albino Ball Python is one the all time favorite Ball Python color morph!

The Albino Ball Python is a naturally occurring color morph of the Ball Python Python regius. They have been found in their native regions of central and western Africa, yet they are quite rare in the wild. There are actually a number of color and pattern forms that are inherent in the Ball Python. Since the 1990's, the exciting development of various color forms of the Ball Python have created quite a stir. Of the Boidae family of snakes, the pythons and constrictors, the most extensive color forms discovered and developed have been with the Ball Python Python regius.

The Albino Ball Python is the best known variant of the Ball Python. This classic albino is also referred to as the T-Albino. Those with outstanding colorations are referred to by such names as the Lavender Albino Ball Python, High Contrast Albino Ball Python, Carmel Albino Ball Python, and so on.

It is a gorgeous snake and captive bred specimens have been available for quite a while now. But they are very high in demand and command a very high price. Much of this is due to the breeding habits of the Ball Python. They generally don't reach sexual maturity until 2 to 3 1/2 years of age, though occasionally one will mature by 18 months. The breeding process is a year long cycle, the eggs are often infertile if proper breeding conditions are not managed, and then they have small clutches, between 4 to 8 eggs. So it takes a long time to produce albino hatchlings.

The Albino Ball Python is a typical Ball Python. It has same great beginner snake qualities and the same behaviors and care requirements as a Ball Python. They are small sized and docile. They, typically reaching 3 to 4 feet (.91 - 1.2 m) in length, though occasionally some reach 5 feet (1.5 m). They typically don't bite, instead choosing to coil tightly into the ball that gives them their common name. As they grow and are handled, they will become more tame. They make wonderful and beautiful pet reptiles.

For more Information on keeping Snakes see:
Guide to a Happy, Healthy Reptile

snake that inhabits both open forests and grasslands, they can be housed in a woodland type terrarium with adequate humidity. See terrarium set-ups described under Basic Reptile and Amphibian Care for more information on woodland terrariums.

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