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Half Dwarf Burmese PythonsHistory

At the beginning of the new millennium a new species was introduced to the reptile pet community, the first true Dwarf Burmese Python (Python bivittatus progschai) . It didn’t take too long before the try to establish the known colorations of Mainland Burmese Pythons (Python bivittatus bivittatus; former Python molurus bivittatus) into a smaller sized animal started. In order for the this project to succeed Mainland Burmese Pythons and Dwarf Burmese Pythons should be bred together.

It all started in the US in 2005 when the world’s first F1 Half Dwarf Burmese Pythons hatched by breeding a Dwarf Burmese Python male with an Albino double heterozygous green granite Mainland Burmese Python female. Surprisingly the hatchling weight was less than the average weight of the ordinary Burmese Python hatchlings.

In 2008 the very first F2 Half Dwarf Burmese Pythons hatched. This was the result of breeding two F1 generation animals. Subsequent observations could demonstrate that the F2 Half Dwarf Burmese Pythons in adult condition were significantly smaller as well as lighter than the F1 animals already were.


One of the most fascinating aspects of Half Dwarf Burmese Pythons is found in the fundamental difference in the size between the F1 and F2 generation. F2 generation animals were much smaller, both in the length and weight. Most of F1 Half Dwarf Burmese Python breeder females measure an average length of about 2.4 to 2.6 meters and weight around 10kg. The vast majority of their F2 Half Dwarf Burmese Python breeding females however measures just 1.8 to 2, 2 meters in length and weight up around 5 kg.

Filial_GenerationFilial Generations

PZ -> Dwarf Burmese Python (Python bivittatus progschai)

PF -> Mainland Burmese Python (Python bivittatus bivittatus)

All offspring from this mating are considered first filial generation (F1) designated. In our case these are the so-called F1 Half Dwarf Burmese Pythons.

If two F1 Half Dwarfs are bred together, the outcome are F2 Half Dwarfs. A mating of two F2 brings F3 Half Dwarfs. Generally in such mating always the lowest number of generation is used to define the generation. The diagram below explains in detail the mating between different generations.

Color Variants

The currently existing color variants of half-dwarf Burmese Pythons are :

  • Albino
  • Albino Granite
  • Granite
  • Green
  • Hypo
  • Ivory (Super Hypo)
  • Silversided Butterscotch
  • Granite Wild-colored


Half Dwarf Burmese Pythons are the perfect Burmese Pythons for all kind of keepers, either you want to breed Burmese Pythons or you want one animal as a pet. They combine the calmness and affable disposition of the Python bivittatus bivittatus with the small size of Python bivittatus progschai.

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Hypo Burmese Python Pair
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Burmese python pairing
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Burmese Python Mating Behavior
Burmese Python Mating Behavior

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